Howard Hughes and the Silver Slipper

Another of Las Vegas' most iconic landmarks belonged to the Slipper Silver Gambling Hall. Originally opened in 1950 on the property of Last Frontier, it was called the Golden Slipper because the name Slipper Silver had already been taken, but soon after they opened, the Silver Slipper folded and the name was moved to its […]

Interesting facts in Las Vegas

Many have had their glory days in the state of Nevada. But those three steps away from the crowd after giving the game its name. Frank Rosenthal It is the best sports handicap in Las Vegas history. He used to be called "King Las Vegas," the "Guru," or something he certainly is: a genius. He […]

Las Vegas – A city of greatness

Big shot hotels, expensive restaurants, casinos, roulette and lots of moolah; this is what a tourist visualizes is Vegas. Planning to attend your celibacy party, or just have fun with a bunch of friends, this is the place to shower yourself with luxury and spend your money. Hotels in Las Vegas are not only expensive […]

US hotel reservations

The US being one of the most advanced countries there are a number of hotels which are of all categories, including luxury, budget and economy. Moreover, most cities in the country offer an excellent range of accommodation facilities at low attractive rates and enable travelers to book hotels in the US either online or directly […]

Ten Common Las Vegas Mistakes, VV Visitors

"We won't do it again!". Both experienced and novice Las Vegas visitors make mistakes before and during their travels simply because of their humanity. The English poet Alexander Pope coined the phrase "To err is human. To forgive is divine." Planning and executing a fun Las Vegas getaway is truly a learned art, and calculating […]

How to find a hotel deal this summer

As you plan a summer vacation, hotels are the last item on the list of people to book. This is not a good approach especially if you are traveling with family as good hotels are booked first. You may have stumbled upon a poorly managed and well-located hotel. Summer is the busiest holiday season in […]

Hotel Gimmicks and Marketing

It's no secret that hotels need promotions and marketing in order to bring their brand to market and gain new clientele. However, there are some hotels that go beyond the regular type of advertising that most people would come to expect. That being said, let's take a look at some examples of hotels that have […]