Ten Common Las Vegas Mistakes, VV Visitors

"We won't do it again!". Both experienced and novice Las Vegas visitors make mistakes before and during their travels simply because of their humanity. The English poet Alexander Pope coined the phrase "To err is human. To forgive is divine." Planning and executing a fun Las Vegas getaway is truly a learned art, and calculating individual visitors for their real or perceived mistakes varies greatly due to personal likes, dislikes, budgets, and the experience of visiting Vegas. However, there are some common mistakes that many Las Vegas travelers have made (including this author). Ten common performances are described here.

1. Understanding the scale and size of hotels – casinos in the strip:

I once rounded the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard in front of the MGM Grand on foot with my significant other. This was our initial trip to Las Vegas and we were in awe of the kitschy visual spectacle that the city is partly famous for. As we walked north in front of MGM, I spotted Caesar's Palace, which seemed to be on the not-so-distant architectural horizon. Wrong, Bubba! As we approached Caesar, I was fully prepared to pay someone to throw me into Las Vegas Boulevard traffic. The inherent size of the monstrous concrete monoliths that we refer to as casinos – hotels can get us wrong – prone to judging walking distances. On each subsequent Sin City trip, car hire has been a standard occurrence because of this experience.

2. Very long stay at gambling sites :

Overlapping into an individual table game or poker / slot machine to try to make up for lost is commonplace and stupid. It is almost always wiser and cheaper to get up and do everything else.

3. Overall poor or inadequate travel planning :

This mistake can add significant costs to a Vegas travel budget for those who consider the costs significant. That being said, it is nice to leave some slots for unplanned, spontaneous activities as well (see next entry).

4. On Vegas Trip Planning:

Visitors planning every last minute and minute detail can exhaust themselves and their entire holiday party in a state of extreme exhaustion … or anarchy.

5. Failure to register for club email and / or online casino membership:

This is a massive intervention if any gambling is anticipated, especially in light of the current economic environment in Vegas.

6. Gambling in casino games that have an insurmountable home advantage:

Keno comes to mind, despite the fact that this may upset a large collection of sweet grandmothers.

7. Poor driving habits:

That unique Vegas adrenaline can be a damaging factor when behind the wheel. Driving as if one's hair was on fire in order to get to the next exciting event can be dangerous. Several times this author has committed the said crime.

8. Unable to get comfortable walking shoes:

Simply cruising inside a single casino on foot can sometimes resemble a Tear Trail. Have you ever walked around and inside the MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay with uncomfortable shoes?

9. Luggage parking services not available when refilling luggage:

This is especially true for those with parking garages which are a short walk from the hotel's check-in tables. There is an increase in some of these (eg MGM Grand) even without luggage. Consider valet services at all times when loading luggage to and from front, such as arrival and departure days or during hotel changes within travel. Minimal costs (visitors can still choose to maneuver their bags) are usually worth avoiding a marathon ride on concrete.

10. Failure to use alternative access roads to strip hotels when driving:

Driving down Las Vegas Boulevard in severe traffic conditions can be time-consuming. There are several popular alternative routes that can save considerable time and frustration. There are some detailed offers that the approximately parallel Las Vegas Boulevard on the east (Koval and Audrie Road) and west (Frank Sinatra Drive and Dean Martin / Industrial Road) sides allow access to the strip properties from behind.