Las Vegas and Juvenile Gambling

Coming back to when I was a hot wet 19 year old … and I & # 39; I'm not saying how far this is!

I went to Vegas for the first time with a guy my "friend". I took care to make our reservations at the Hard Rock Hotel which had just had their Grand Opening! And "he" made our reservations at Greyhound.

It was clear this guy had the points for me … and yet that's how he was trying to impress ?! Eeeek.

Anyway, I had my bags, they were all packed, I was wearing nine (still very excited) and ready to ride on the road.

The bus ride seemed to take forever and a year (which only takes 3.5 hours by car). We made a stop at good and Barstow – yeah I know … where you go to get your "kicks on Route 66" … well I don't know who wrote that song or what "they" do for get their "kicks", but I'll tell them where it's not going for me … at BARSTOW! Sorry Barstownions – no offense.

Then continued the nice bus ride (full of weirdos); Finally we pull into downtown Las Vegas – which is still heck of a belt and the Mister Cheapie Pants here doesn't want to share a taxi. If he can allocate a penny – he will – I and "39 m" so serious! So off we go. Me and a big fan of hiking, so it's not really a problem – except for luggage for all my bags and that I & # 39; m in high heels (I'm not that tall), and as I mentioned before "wearing ninety!" So we walked and walked, and you & # 39; got you!

We finally arrived at our hotel. Time to get inside. As usual with every check in the process, they ask to see my ID card. However, unlike any other check in the process, after I submitted everything, there was a PROBLEM. This & # 39; s explained to me that they can control me because i'm under 21!

Nice … because they didn't seem to think it was a problem when I paid for the room.

Luckily, my friend here was over 21, so we used his ID. But talk nerve – they had absolutely no problem getting money from someone who was under 21, however now I was a second class citizen or something!

All checked in, we grab our bags and make a line to see our room, and then get ready to paint the city and of course do a bit of gambling.

Our schedule for the rest of our time was Shows, Food, Kumar, Shows, Food, Kumar, etc, etc, etc, etc.

I was a bunch of nerves, every time I went to a table to play cards everything I could think of was cardboard – looking to check on my ID. I was so focused on this, I didn’t care about losing my fortune money – and I hate losing money!

I made out with more than I started with and more than enough to pay for my entire trip! I & # 39; I'm not treating this Dud!


Things didn't go so well on some of the many trips to come –

I was thrown out of the casinos, stranded in the middle of the desert, left sitting in the curves, got into my fights, hanged whales, took comps at every turn, had my Proposal & # 39; undecided & # 39; experience …

BUT – I just never lost, I always won $$$ – bring me the money !!!

So of course I kept coming back for more!

And then it happened – I turned 21 and now being completely still and quiet about checking my ID, (I almost wanted to browse it just for the heck of it) the only concern I had was about losing my money and guess what happened next …

YUP, I lost every last coin I came up with … I left town in a state of shock!

What the fuck just happened there ?! This Does Not Happen To Me – I LOST L & POSSIBLE !!!!!!

Even to this day I still can't get enough of this place.

I just don't do gambling these days. No matter we're talking about pennies!

Change your perspective Change your outcome!