Maui Vacation Package Information – What kind of accommodation and hotel activities to consider?

Whether you have ever been or not, Maui is always a great place to visit. You'll want to spend time on this island the next time you go to Hawaii. Don’t let the price be worrying, as there are always ways to save on Maui vacation packages. The off-season season tends to last around February to May (not including holidays) and from September to early December. You can always fly to Maui's Kahului Airport or one of the other airports in the Hawaiian Islands. Flights from one island to another are usually free.

You won’t have to worry too much about fun and eating since there are always cheap and inexpensive things to do. If you are the adventurous type, there is always hiking, cycling, swimming, cave exploration at Waianapanapa State Park, etc. You can also enjoy some bird and whale watching. If you're more of the artsy kind, you can visit the art galleries, head to Lavender Farm, take a tour of the Maui Brewing Company and get free ukulele lessons at Lahaina Cannery Mall.

In terms of land transportation, some vacation packages in Maui include car rental. If you do not want to rent a car, the bus ticket is very cheap. Taking a monthly bus pass is about the same as the average daily cost of a rental car. The downside to taking a bus is that you are on your own if you miss the last stop of the evening. Taxis and Uber are both available. Regardless of how you get around the island, it is recommended that you take the road to Hana at least once.

Hotels that you can get at Maui Vacation Packages

Many of the hotels in Maui are the types of top level luxury resorts. There are medium priced hotels, but they come with less equipment. Make a list of the amenities you know you will absolutely need and look for hotels that offer those amenities at least. When comparing prices, consider the equipment you can do without. Keep in mind the location as well. How close will you be to the places you want to visit? Will those points be easy to reach from a particular hotel?

Use the search tools to help you build your itinerary. Experiment with dates and times (if possible) and find out if it would be cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket or two one-way tickets. Some Maui vacation packages include hotel accommodations for a specific number of nights. Will you get a discount if you stay for at least three nights? Can you get an extra night for free? These are all factors to consider when comparing offers.

Use discounts online to save on Maui vacation packages, airline flights, entertainment, food and more. You can plan the perfect vacation and save money in the process by using the appropriate site search tools. Get started now!