Unique Las Vegas Wedding Packages

If you are looking to have a unique Las Vegas wedding, you will not be disappointed. Las Vegas has many nice places and unique packages to choose from. The hardest part can be deciding how crazy you want to get when planning your wedding in Las Vegas. Perhaps the most unique wedding offered in Las Vegas would be the one at the Treasure Island Hotel. They offer a package that lets you have your wedding on the big pirate ship stationed in front of their hotel. As the happy couple says their vows on the boat, their wedding guests watch from a nearby dock.

Another great wedding package on offer in Las Vegas is the gondola wedding at the Venice Hotel. You can exchange promises as you navigate down a canal in a romantic Venice setting. The Venetian Island and Treasure are by far the only hotels offering such unique wedding packages. At Hotel Riviera, they can arrange for you to dive on the scroll wheel atop the Stratosphere Tower which is over 1000 meters above the ground. At the Bellagio Hotel, they offer a stunning wedding package, in which the ceremony takes place on a two-level terrace overlooking their lake and display of the fountain. When the newlyweds kiss, the springs cease. Pretty romantic, huh?

Another wedding package that is definitely exclusive to Las Vegas is at the Paris Hotel, where couples can say their nuptials on top of replicas of the Eiffel Tower. The observation deck there offers breathtaking views of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Another great option for those looking for something different for their wedding is one of the limousine weddings offered by many of the wedding hats. You can tell I do in the back of a limousine while sailing the Belt.

Of course I can't talk about unique wedding opportunities in Las Vegas without mentioning one of the things the city is famous for. Drive Thru Chapels Wedding are a really good option if you want unusual wedding. Where else, but in Las Vegas, can you get married without having to leave your car alone? And if you have flown there from somewhere else and do not have a vehicle, there is no need to worry. Many Las Vegas Drive Thru Chapels offer vehicles that you can use as part of their wedding packages. Limousines, sports cars, a monster truck, and an Elvis impersonator running a Cadillac are just some of the options available.

So if you are looking for something a little different for your Las Vegas wedding, your choices are almost unlimited in this exciting city. This is probably just one of the many reasons Las Vegas has earned its nickname as the Wedding Capital of the World.