Free Las Vegas Wedding Reception Options

Your guests have come a long way in being with you for your big day, so they will look forward to joining you at a festive meal once they are there. But if you don't think your budget will stretch to a 3 course meal with drinks for all your family and friends, there are still ways to make sure they – and you – don't have to go without. Here are our top tips:

1) Have a brunch so you can take advantage of lunch menus for your wedding reception – lunch menus tend to be cheaper than dinner menus

2) Approach one of the cheapest cafes (eg most hotels have a 24-hour café serving a wide variety of food) and ask what they can offer you for a certain number of people for your budget

Ask your hotel if they can offer a room for you to receive a gold horse, cake and drink reception for a fixed fee

3) Take guests to a buffet – as long as you reserve your table in advance you don't have to wait too long to sit down, but of course you will serve yourself with food.

4) Fixed price menus are your friend – that way you don't have to worry about Uncle Ernie ordering the biggest steak on the menu.

5) Remember that most menu prices will be exclusive of local taxes and bankruptcy – allow 7.5% for the tax above, plus a larger 20% pardon is expected for a larger party.

6) If you are paying for drinks, talk to the venue before the wedding to set a drink limit e.g. & # 39; any other drinks will be paid for by individual guests & # 39 ;. Make sure guests know what the deal is.

7) Plan ahead! – talk to the venues as soon as you can – they'll need a reasonable warning of booking a big holiday, so try to talk to them weeks or even months before your wedding. . They may not be able to help if you present the day in a panic!

Lovely Bellagio in Las Vegas

The spectacular Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is located on the famed Belt, but is physically sheltered from the hustle and bustle as its right behind Roman-style fountains which in themselves are a great attraction every night!

Bellagio's style and character is very bold to say the least which is also why she has been a constant favorite with Hollywood producers who have used liberals the same in their blockbuster hits! Sure it's the big mandatory casino but you also get the feel of a hip and shiny hotel. It boasts almost 4,000 luxurious rooms and suites with large public spaces and a very stylish setting.

The staff is courteous and despite a great place under their management the service provided is extremely efficient, courteous and most importantly on time.

The standard rooms have been recently refurbished and have a very cozy ambience complemented by a color scheme that makes a very creative and aesthetic use of blue and cream and coffee! The famous tower rooms have a stunning view of the surrounding city and wilderness and are adequately fitted with French windows spread out. It should be mentioned the luxurious baths which are strikingly laid out with shiny white marble and dark wood finish.

There is a plethora of food and beverages with more than a dozen restaurants offering multi-cuisine in formal and informal options. The hotel shows two triple A restaurants, namely Picasso & # 39; and & # 39; Le Cirque & # 39; which are sophisticated and in fact if you are an Art lover then Picasso & # 39; it also offers a visual treat with its choice of original Picassos that adorn its walls.

The Bellagio Foyuntains are made up of more than 1,200 springs operating on a stunning choreographed water ballet across Lake Bellagio.

As you walk into the lobby of Bellagio you come face to face with a truly fantastic and colorful Fiori di Como glass sculpture made by renowned artist Dale Chihuly.

For nature lovers there is also an indoor botanical conservatory which is especially gorgeous during Chinese Christmas and New Year.

You can relax in the Mediterranean-themed fresco & # 39; pool complex which includes five pools, a café and also a poolside bar. There is an exclusive Cypress Premier Lounge where you can sit and enjoy cold towels and smoothie shots all day long.

The spa at Bellagio offers traditional treatments such as Swedish and deep-tissue massages, which are conveniently complimented by hydrotherapy and hot stone options.

For shoppers, Via Bellagio has shops and boutiques with Dior, Gucci and other top brands.

Overall, Bellagio offers full value for money and a little more. It is an extremely well-presented hotel staffed with a very competent and friendly staff that goes the extra mile to provide a great holiday and most importantly an experience that anyone can cherish for years to come!

Cheap dining and good food in Las Vegas

Gone are the days of Las Vegas simply being a place for casinos and gambling. Vegas has rebuilt its image and today, a vacation in this city also means enjoying 24/7 shopping, drinking and dining. Restaurants here have to earn their stripes in order to bring in the business required to stay in business. Consumers will not come back if the food is not good and a bad review will travel the world three times before ten good reviews will do it once. Las Vegas is still the city of bright lights and is shining even brighter with world class entertainment and dining being high on the list for visitors and residents alike. These gadgets are the main reasons to go to Las Vegas as well, but with all of these ample opportunities available, it's easy to exaggerate unnecessarily.

Many hotels offer a buffet for breakfast and lunch at the hotel, so jumping into the elevator for a quick bite to eat is ideal. In fact, you might even be lucky enough to have some of the best-tasting restaurants in your hotel, but beware of the prices. Cheap Las Vegas shopping is available and you just need to know where to look.

There are many great places to eat in Vegas that will not make you open your piggy bank and will also give you the opportunity to avoid the belt a little. Ellis Island Restaurant is about 10 minutes walk from Bellagio Hotel, just down the Flamingo Road then a right onto Koval Lane. The menu boasts a $ 12.99 price for 12 oz. main ribs with potatoes, vegetables and soup or salad. Or how about a 10 oz high Sirloin with potatoes, veggies, and soup or salad for $ 6.99. In the mood for BBQ? Get a full plate of baby’s back ribs for $ 11.95.

This is just one of many places that a person or family can get a relatively good meal. Getting to Las Vegas is more than just trying to find the best hotel fee for your stay. Keep an eye out for online and offline food coupons to boost your savings. With all the food you'll be making, these coupons will definitely add up and offer you little extra cash for your favorite car or tickets to a show or maybe even your favorite blackjack table!

Finding Cheap Hotel Rooms

When traveling to any destination, a hotel room is the primary concern. Any smart traveler would tell you that it is not wise to pay too much for it. This is because you can easily travel in style with a comfortable hotel room without having to put yourself in debt. However, finding cheap hotel rooms is never equal to cheap service. If you look good enough, you will surely find a nice place to stay in a foreign land that is not expensive.

How to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms |
There is a wide range of hotel room rates, depending on your destination. But everywhere you go, there are cost effective hotel deals available. Your role as an agile traveler is to hunt them down and book in one.

There are many resources you can use to find your home away from home these days. Guidebooks, travel magazines and the internet are just a few of them. For those resources to be useful, you need to learn to use them properly. Of all those resources, the Internet is usually the best option because it is very accessible and covers the widest range of choices.

To find cheap hotel rooms online, you first need to determine your destination, your budget and your preferred comfort. Those three will determine the basis of your choice. Pressing your destination in the search bar will help you filter your choices. To find a Denver hotel deal, you will need to focus on the available apartments in the area. To find cheap hotel deals in Las Vegas, you need to look for online resources that offer them.

Once you've found the sites that will take you to your target location, it's time to categorize the deals available. Make sure your choice fits your budget and your desired comfort brand. The absence of one or the other will not speak of a good choice.

In terms of budget, you can use comparison sites that will help you check which of the various hotel booking services offers the best price. Note the price range that fits your budget including the site that offers them. Then, look at each of your choices and see for yourself that you think it fits perfectly.

Also, remember that it's a wild, vast world out there. At every destination, there is a host of hotel rooms available that brings different passions, tastes, incentives, impulses and financial skills. The guide to getting to your best choice is to find in your heart what you really want or how you want your vacation to turn out to be.

Get Reserved
Once you've found the best hotel deal that fits your requirements in price and comfort, don't wait for another moment to book for them on your desired travel dates. Booking early will give you another chance to save money. A number of hotels offer amazing discounts for those who book early.

Another tip for booking cheap hotel rooms is to travel during the off-season. Although there may be some limitations to the activities you can enjoy, it is one of the most effective ways to save significant amounts on your accommodation costs.

Gone Wild Hotel Reviews

As an online shopper you have to be skeptical of product reviews online. In most cases they are used by big business to get free ads. Hotel review sites are no different. However, there are some excellent customer rating websites that have valuable information on the hotel you may be interested in. Someone staying at a hotel can give you a really good idea of ​​what to expect. Where, then, can you find valuable information and stay away from ad-driven ratings? This is all explained in this helpful article that you will read.

Seed should look for in a good summary:

The best customer reviews provide detailed product information and about hotels, a good product review should tell you why they liked or disliked the hotel. How was the service; room staff, bartenders, casino hosts, check in and out? How does the hotel favor other hotels in the area? What special services did they enjoy; comps, fun games? What was the overall experience like they would recommend coming back? Seedlings have to be made near the hotel. Answers to these questions can give you a real boost whether or not it is worth going to that hotel.

Also, some of the best product reviews will give you tips and tricks. Maybe the hotel you are staying in offers free offers, bonuses, old discounts or discounted stays. All the best product ratings provide this kind of information, all of which are designed to get the best value for your money.

Reviews to Avoid:

If a review says, "I've loved your place! Keep going!", Then keep asking. It's somewhat informative, so these should probably be ignored altogether. Also, if you think the review might be good to be true keep in mind, but look around to see what others might say. Finally, consider the source, do some research about the person who wrote the review. Is he or she connected in any way to the hotel or is he / she able to benefit if you stay there? If so, go on.

Las Vegas Hotel Reviews provide detailed information on Las Vegas Hotels, Las Vegas Hotel Discounts, Cheap Las Vegas Hotels, Shows Vegas and more. Las Vegas Hotel Review.

Cheap travel – Find cheap flights and hotels

Everyone wants to save money on the Journey, but finding Journey discounts can take time. Here are some tips for finding cheap airline tickets or cheap flights, as well as cheap hotels or vacation packages.

Generally, a cheap travel tip that can help you save money while traveling is a specific tip on where or how to get the best deals on specific things like hotel discounts, cheap car rental, cheap airline tickets or other travel discounts. I'll try to include as much of this type of information as I can, and I'm pointing you in the right direction to find out more.

However, there is a limitation to this type of approach. If, for example, you find the best deal at the best hotel in Las Vegas at the height of the season, you will save money but still have a very expensive vacation. Trying to always get exactly what you want, or what you think you want, will generally be an expensive proposition, on trips and during peak season holidays.

So try to avoid peak season if you can look for the best deals to find cheap airline tickets or cheap hotel rooms, as these two things are a major part of your travel expenses.

Cheap international travel or domestic travel, you always start finding airline travel deals, find cheap hotel rates or cheap motels and also include the cost of food, some hotel accommodations can be a bit pricey, but they can to provide food. If the hotel offers pickup service then you can also save on car rents.

You can find Cheap Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals & Cruises below.

Las Vegas Vacations – Tips, Tricks and Care

These "warnings", "tips" and "scams" are offered to help get you done Las Vegas Vacation as fun, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to "Las Vegas Fabulous" or you are a veteran, you will find some tips and tricks helpful here.

Las Vegas Travel Tips: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many travelers in Las Vegas make in planning a trip is to book the cheapest "anywhere available" airline / hotel fare package. These are offered everywhere, from your hometown newspaper, to television commercials, especially electronic mail. Careful!

Why? A Cheap Las Vegas Vacations it's fine, we agree! BUT, you knew practically everything Hotels in Las Vegas do you have 2- 3 room quality levels (or options)? Now, we mean even many of the five stars, "big" many of these are just ordinary rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and was it loud!)

Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old décor, long casino walks, resorts, shows, or even a cab. Did you know there are monorail trains running right behind some of the rooms? What about a roller coaster outside your window? And much more. Just remember "cheaper" is just that. Ask at the front desk at check-in exactly where your room is, watch it before registering if possible.

We’re not just looking for high-dollar rooms here, just get the best quality room that your budget will allow, you’ll be very glad you did.

Why book your hotel first? Las Vegas is booked on average 94% year-round, so plan ahead (at least 30 days is recommended) to get the exact days you want, where you want, the quality of the room you want. Plus, it's usually less costly to book well in advance. Did you know that Sunday through Thursday is less expensive? When you get your pick Las Vegas Hotel booked, then you can book a flight to fit in and out days to fit your schedule.

Does it make sense not?

Once you get your Las Vegas Hotel reserved first . then you can book Las Vegas shows that you want, when you want. Be sure to check to see if your particular show choice is not "dark" on your chosen days. Holidays are a good example of dark days.

then your book Tour to Las Vegas . (If you've never tried it thrill of a night helicopter ride over "Glitter Gulch and Downtown", or a day trip over Boulder Dam and Grand Canyon this is something you'll never forget!) It's not as costly as you might think! Check out our travel links for prices and times.

This is the entertainment capital of the World, so allow yourself enough time to get as many trips (dozens are free) as possible, it will do Las Vegas Vacation much more memorable. If possible, book an extra night stay just to allow for a special Las Vegas tour or a Las Vegas Golf Day.

Las Vegas Gambling Tips:

Gambling is the life blood of Las Vegas. You don't think those billion dollar hotels were built by "winners"? Set a daily budget for gambling and stick to it! you do have a good chance of winning. Hundreds if not thousands of "Jackpots Pay Hand" are paid daily. Be careful, however, those chips, signs and tickets / tickets look a lot like "play money" ones they are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I say that already?

Get a "player card" wherever you go and use it, or if you are a "table player" ask the pit boss to "rank" or "evaluate" you. They will track your game and compensate you accordingly with all sorts of free things. Such as food, rooms, clothing, limos, gift shop points and even cash. These really help put the odds in your favor.

It seems that my "budget" is always very small, but try your best to set a reasonable daily goal and don't stick to tomorrow's budget! Only maybe you will make a big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase: "Walk Away, Forward"!

It's not my place to preach, but here are some many useful tips in las vegas in dealing with your money. All that money in the casinos you see everywhere draws some pretty sleek characters (read Crooks!) Security is great, but there are always some, and it only takes one to spoil a perfect break.

Las Vegas Security:

Ladies, bring or buy a small bag with a strap on your neck or a garbage bag, or jersey pack, something that is comfortable enough to carry around your person all the time. Kurr kurra place your bag on the floor or adjacent to a car, or on a stool adjacent to you. This is a magnet for thieves! Hold that strap around your neck.

Most thieves work in pairs, one to distract you, the other to grab the bag. Just a few types of distractions they use are: someone will drop a coin or a dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you "is your money on the floor?" while the other grabs your belongings, or the over-talking "players" will sit next to you and get your attention while their partner grabs your belongings, or hits the pay button and leaves with your ticket. Believe me. it It happens . They are very smooth and fast, so just be aware .

When collecting a winning couple's ticket, hide them in your wallet or purse until you're ready to cash them in, and then scrape off the cash. Remember the tip "get away"?

Men: It's not degrading to wear a garbage bag. All right, if you just don't want to, then fold the bills and keep them in your front pants pocket. If they "grab" your wallet with all your credit cards at least you'll have your money, or vice versa, just keep it separate. And, look at those tickets.

If you hit a good sized jackpot, get the money in the safe in your room or bring it to the Hotel's desk for storage. Or, ask for a Security escort in your room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Do not stroll the casinos or the streets with a large swarm of money!

Security at all Hotels and Casinos is excellent. With all those thousands of cameras (Eyes on the sky) every inch of the casino is constantly being taken. (Did you know that Nevada law requires casinos to have this level of security?) It's for your protection as well as the Hotel / Casino.

Now please understand, we are not trying to intimidate you here, but we will simply do you aware ! It's really easy to get caught by all the flashing lights, noise, overhead displays, people watching and the normal distractions of a casino. Just don't give them an opportunity to ruin your entertainment.

Follow these Las Vegas Travel Tips and they will make your Las Vegas Vacation a memory of a lifetime.

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Luxor – My favorite Casino hotel in Las Vegas

Luxor is just delightfully old. My first trip to Vegas, driving by night from California, that huge beacon fired from the 30 story glass pyramid immediately caught my attention above all else. And I was not disappointed when I visited Luxor the next day.

There's the massive front of the Sphinx, and once you're the biggest atrium. The guest rooms are around the outer perimeter going all the way to the top, and I rode the elevator as high as I could and then looked around to see if I could get an interior view of the rooms with sloping glass walls.

Aside from the impressive layout and layout, there are plenty of fun things to do outside of the casino. There is a two-story arcade, the tomb and the King Tutankhamen Museum, a great attraction for motion simulators, and the luxurious Luxor IMAX Theater.

The pool area is quite large, 5 acres in all with four different pools and four jacuzzi. There is a health club and a full Spa, and even a Wedding Chapel. The 1,200-seat Luxor Theater currently (2010) features the Blue Man Group. There is also a fantastic midnight show that runs six nights a week. Luxor is also known for its 19,000-square-foot nightclub, which features top DJs, pulsating dance music, as well as a bar and seafood bar and cigar lounge.

There are some great dining options at Luxor. First among them is Isis, the all-you-can-eat buffet that often wins Las Vegas & # 39; good. The Holy Sea Room is a steak restaurant and rich seafood with a substantial wine list. Other restaurants include Steakhouse Luxor, Papyrus, La Salsa, Japan's Hamada and a 24-hour coffee shop.

There are over 4400 rooms (!) In Luxor. Personally I would go to one of the rooms in the main Pyramid with sloping windows. Any of the rooms here are lovely, though, and those in the back towers. A moving walkway connects Luxor with Excalibur, and an upper "cable line" connects it with Mandalay Bay.

Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas – A review of this great hotel

The world-renowned Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, is considered one of the best hotels in Las Vegas, offering great luxury and amenities that are suitable for both kings and members of the state. Its unique but tasteful architecture and beautifully manicured tropical landscapes are truly picturesque and worth a visit. It is conveniently located next to the city's only monorail train system, giving guests easy access to almost everything the belt has to offer.

With 3,300 guest rooms, the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, offers a comfortable setting, high décor, a host of services and exceptional landscaping. Other services include 24-hour security, wedding hats, laundry / dry cleaning facilities, valet service, room service, over 13 restaurants, concierge services, free parking and much more.

The 39th Hotel & Casino is reminiscent of the finer institutions of the wealthiest parts of Western Europe. There are over 120 gambling tables that offer everything from Poker to Roulette, and there is even a high stakes area. For those who prefer slots and video games, there are over 2,400 to choose from, and a betting shop for sports enthusiasts.

Fun at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, is located in its famous event center, where many theaters host rock, music, and classical theater concerts from London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The largest theater can accommodate up to 12,000 people, and has seen entertainers such as Bob Dylan and Chicago.

For quieter pursuits and complete relaxation, the collection of fine boutiques and shops sells souvenirs, jewelry, luxury trinkets, clothing and flowers. Behind the hotel is a full 11-hectare water world with a beach, rivers, pool, surfing pool, swimming pool and bungalows, a luxurious gym and full jogging track, a large aquarium of over 100 species of animals, a lounge for drinking and fully equipped nightclub.

Business guests at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, have access to nothing but the finest banquet and meeting rooms complete with state-of-the-art amenities, staff and catering services. Other business services are available upon request.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, has hosted guests from queens and kings, to presidents and prime ministers, from all over the planet. It has seen its fair share of millionaires and billionaires, but even to this day, the hotel welcomes people from all walks of life, offering a taste of true luxury, even for just a moment in time. This hotel is truly one of the best bets and the best value for money!

Various aspects about some of the Las Vegas Strip hotels

If you choose to stay in one of the many Las Vegas Strip hotels, you'll have the chance to be one of those lucky tourists who is at the center of the action.

If you would like to spend a vacation with your family in Vegas, you should know that these days there are many hotels in Las Vegas that make marketing themselves "family friendly". On the Las Vegas Strip, a reputable hotel that is considered to be fun for families is Circus Circus. There are almost 3,800 rooms with very modern conveniences. In addition to the 3 casinos, Circus Circus also offers entertainment for all families with Carnival Midway or RollerCoaster which is located inside the Adventuredome.

The city of Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a "hot" spa destination for tourists from all over the world, even if we consider that many of the spa hotels are being located away from the Vegas Strip.

Excalibur Hotel offers luxury spa which includes fun entertainment right on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has over 2,000 rooms that also include 42-inch plasma televisions. This gorgeous hotel also offers quality restaurants, free entertainment with great performances at their casino and also free holiday packages.

Bellagio is also a Las Vegas hotel located on the Strip. It combines Italian charm and convenience, but this will not be one of the cheap hotels you can find in this city. The Bellagio has a spectacular fountain at the front and also includes almost 4,000 rooms and suits ready to be used by tourists with large pockets. Among its attractions, the hotel also has to offer quality restaurants and casinos, and also something quite different, O Cirque du Soliel which is a fun show that performs twice every night. The Bellagio hotel is probably not for any tourist, as a single drink here can cost more than a family meal at any other hotel, but their motto is that if you want quality, you have to pay for it.